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  • Diet for Toddlers

    We all understand how fussy a toddler can be. We have to literally run behind them to feed them. But it is also very essential that they a...

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  • Weight Loss program

    Diet does not mean eating less. There is a misconception in our country that 'dieting' means eating less. It actually means eating right.  Why is losing weight importa...

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  • Healthy diet consultation

    This program is for anyone who is looking to make a lifestyle and diet change so as to feel healthier but does not require weight loss or does not suffer from any other disorders. Because of our he...

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  • Diet during pregnancy and lactaction

    Pregnancy is a time where the female body goes through tremendous changes to support the foetus. The body needs to have a good reserve of nutrients so that it can support the growth of the foetus w...

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  • Therapeutic consultation

    This program is for anyone with disorders such as digestive disorders, hypothyroidism, food allergies etc. Most of these disorders will require the individual to either eliminate or include ce...

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